About The Foundation

The foundation was founded and granted a 501 c 3 IRS designation as a charity on June 27 2007.  The founder of the organization is Dr. Roberto Ruiz who has a long history and interest in diabetes education and treatment.  A Board of Directors was formed to help guide the direction of the foundation.  A major goal was to enhance diabetes awareness and to promote healthy lifestyles.  Educational seminars on type 2 diabetes are open to the general public and started when the foundation was formed. Over 5000 participants have attended the seminars since 2007.  The seminars cover the topics:

  • What is Diabetes?
  • The growth of diabetes in the state of Arizona
  • What are the symptoms of diabetes?
  • How to prevent diabetes and manage diabetes through medication, exercise, diet, glucose monitoring  and lifestyle changes.

The seminars also cover the life threatening complications that occur in this deadly disease.  Referral services are provided to attendees that have diabetes and are not currently under medical treatment.

It is the long term goal of the foundation to open a free clinic to the public for those individuals that have type 2 diabetes and are not covered by insurance or a health care plan.  In 2014 the foundation hopes to secure a grant from a local foundation to open the free diabetes clinic at the foundation offices located at 15255 N. 40th Street, Suite 127, Phoenix, Arizona.  It is the goal of the foundation to operate the free clinic once a month and then expand services as the demand dictates.

Mission Statement

The goals of the Arizona Diabetes Foundation are to provide innovative educational programs for at risk targeted populations and to improve the diabetic care of individuals in the State of Arizona.

Strategic Plan Summary:

A three year strategic plan for the foundation from 2010 to 2014 has been created with specific goals the foundation hopes to achieve. A summary of the goals are:

  • Increase the awareness of diabetes especially in at risk populations in the State of Arizona with an emphasis on the Valley of the Sun
  • Conduct 24 seminars each year with a goal of serving 750 participants each year
  • A marketing plan including a brochure and website featuring the foundation
  • Seminars will refer participants who have diabetes and need treatment due to lack of medical care and/or health insurance to the free clinics
  • A free public clinic will be held one Saturday each month at the foundation offices starting June of 2014
  • Initiate a financial development plan to fund seminars and the free clinics each year
  • Seek to collaborate with hospitals and other care givers in the area of type 2 diabetes education, prevention and screening
  • Conduct quarterly free doctor conferences on cutting edge treatments in treating insulin resistant diabetics
  • Improve outcomes in diabetic care of those individuals treated at the clinic with a goal of 7% A1C
  • Expand the board of directors with the addition of six new community board members
  • Seek funding for a standalone 3,500 square foot  free clinic facility and educational conference center